I’ve smoked just enough of the Green Goddess right now to tap into the channel of what needs to come through, during this time of mass hysteria and FEAR.

I’m in my apartment listening to some beautiful tunes with my wolf dog, looking at the ocean and the sun is beaming.  It’s a beautiful day.

Right NOW, if you aren’t suffering from a disease, if you aren’t in pain, if you are in a calm, safe place, EVERYTHING IS OK!!!

And if you are in fear you are only fearing what does not exist! It’s a story in your head about what may happen in some future that only exists from NOW.

Enlightenment requires present moment awareness and present moment awareness requires you to step fully into the moment you are in and say YES THANK YOU!! YES THANK YOU!!! YES THANK YOU!!!

You are ALIVE!!! It is your choice right now to die to the illusions of FEAR or to RISE IN LOVE!!

  • Be mindful ALWAYS
  • Be healthy ALWAYS
  • Be kind ALWAYS

Don’t wait for an epidemic to wake you up!! The most important thing you MUST understand about life: If you are not actively working on your awakening, if you become complacent, bored, and disconnected from the HEART, you will be shocked out of that state and it will come from the Shadow of FEAR.  It will be painful, and tragic, BUT if you do focus on your awakening, your self-awareness, your connection to Source, then you get to decide what reality you are in and most importantly you decide HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR PAIN.  We are not escaping pain, we are choosing how to experience it for our evolution.

I’d rather die than stop hugging my brothers and sisters, to live in a world afraid to live, to hide from life.  Raise your vibration, get comfortable with death and NOTHING will make you suffer.

FEAR is a product of your mind, being safe does not mean reacting from panic.

Your FEAR of death will only bring you FEAR of death.

If anything FEAR causes stress, which lowers your immune system.  So if you want to be more certain you will contract any type of disease… FEAR IT.


Do you believe in love? If you do, I promise you, no matter what you will be OK!

Join my Wolf Pack, the blend of the Enchanted Heart, Celestial Smokes, open your heart more to love, to yourself, to Divine connection, to trusting your body that it knows how to HEAL, if you don’t block the healing with FEAR.

Enchanted Heart has Mullein, Rose and Linden.  Mullein is an herb that plant medicine healers have used to treat bronchitis, it is one of the only herbs known to help expand the lungs when smoked.  Paired with the heart-openers Rose and Linden, and the healing remedies of CBD, this is the perfect blend to smoke during times of high chaos. Soothe your nervous system with the fastest bioavailability while being gentle on the lungs.

With my own Enchanted Heart, I created Celestial Smokes to offer people a way to CHILL OUT! We all need to chill out, love more and enjoy a Sacred Pause!

Here are some other ways to boost your immune system:

  • Remain calm
  • Take 2000+ mg of Vitamin C daily (for life)
  • Take B12
  • Take Glutethione
  • Take Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga, Cordyscepts etc)
  • Go get a wellness IV drip
  • Meditate
  • Eat well
  • Exercise
  • Live Joyously
  • Slow down your mind

I love you. Stay safe, Stay Vital and Stay Calm!

Sari Starr – Cannabis Priestess