Welcome to my new IGTV series “How to be a Rich Witch Now” . I’m creating this series because I want to share with you tips on how to shift your consciousness and fill in the gaps in your life where you are under the misguidance that something is missing.

The first episode is about shifting your thoughts around any type of future self that you believe will be living a better reality than your current one today.  If you are waiting for something to change to feel love, wealthy, joy, happiness, and/or inspired then you may be waiting a long time possibly until your last breath.

Being a Rich Witch means realizing that you are getting everything you want right now, and that the more awareness you bring to your thoughts and the ways in which you speak, the more you will realize the vibration that you are projecting which is the magnet to attracting everything in your current reality.

A good way to understand this is to look at all the circumstances in your life and pay attention to the way you think about them, how you speak to yourself, and especially how you speak to others.

If you are walking around complaining about being poor, broke, or that you “don’t have enough” then you 100% will attract this exact outcome, EVEN if you make more money, and EVEN if your circumstances change, you will still feel like you don’t have enough.

This is because your state of mind dictates your reality, not the other way around, and if you are addicted to being in scarcity mind, feeling like you always need more to feel happy or validated in life, then you will always live this way.  You will find a way to spend or lose the money or success that you have because your mind is defining your reality and is seeking a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The same goes for love, relationships, passion, purpose, all of it.  If you are looking for love to validate you, you will continue to be in relationships that disempower you.  If you are looking for your job to give you purpose, then you will manifest ways your job stresses you out immensely by feeling undervalued.  Lack attracts lack, and abundance attracts abundance.

It is THAT simple.  And yet it can seem like a constant battle with the ego mind.

So what do we do? Well for one thing, this isn’t only about how you think but MAINLY about how you feel. Think about your thoughts as a processing machine, it’s constantly processing your feelings, your feelings come from your subconscious mind and your beliefs.  Many of your beliefs have been a product of other people’s programming, so much of your feelings are actually not even yours.  Your feelings then trigger the mind to amplify what you are feeling as a way to validate or justify their legitimacy, so the mind creates stories and reinforces your beliefs that you are not enough, that you don’t deserve, that you will never have, etc etc.

This is such a tricky place to be the observer because no one is better than fooling us than us.

Here are ways to begin to reprogram your mindset from lack to abundance:

  1. Observe your self thoughts and self talk, do not judge just observe, and when you catch yourself you can congratulate yourself for your awareness and humility to realize that now you have the power to change the direction of the thought.  Breathe, grab a Celestial Smoke, and tell another story. Then breathe again and feel that new story in your body and allow it to penetrate your cells, BELIEVING the new story is 100% key to the transformation. It will take daily practice, you must reprogram your mental habits.
  2. In the same fashion observe how you SPEAK to others, the vibration behind your words, the words you choose to say, how often are you complaining or being in “victim” mode. How often do you say “i can’t afford” “I am broke” “I need a man/woman” “I need this or that”.  When you catch yourself in this lack state, immediately focus on something you are grateful for.  Don’t dwell on the previous thought or think of it as an exchange, see it release in to the air like its flying away and just refocus on what you are grateful for like that was the initial thought in the first place.
  3. See yourself TODAY as the person you are striving to be.  How does the Rich, Happy and in Love version of you act, dress, speak, dance, play, think, etc.  BE THAT PERSON TODAY. You decide who you are, once you are that person, YOU JUST ARE THAT PERSON.  You can’t aspire to be someone you are not, you either are or you are not and that is 100% your choice.

Creating your reality means EXACTLY that.  There is no future self that is happier than the person you are today, because that happiness is happening right now, if you choose it to be.

Try this as an intentional practice for at least 30 days, (and then for the rest of your life)

Watch the video above, and comment on IG if you have any feedback, if you tried this out, or if you have questions!

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In loving kindness,

Sari Starr – Cannabis Priestess
Creator – Celestial Smokes