If we think about how our society has been formed, we can observe that language has been the foundation of how we perceive our reality.  We use words to label things, to communicate with each other, and to understand concepts and ideas.

We also use language primarily to cast spells.  “Spelling” as we say.

Our intentions behind our words have great influence on how we can inspire others to feel, think and act.  Knowing this, perhaps it is time to observe the words we choose to use daily, the vibrations they hold and the energy behind which we speak.

If we think about all the ways we are influenced to feel in life, we may start witnessing that a lot of our own emotions are not a product of how we feel, but in fact, how we’ve been spelled to feel.  

This is so important, because if we have witnessed anything throughout history, it’s that the power a collective message yields when it begins to influence the masses, can be detrimental to our salvation.

We can become entranced, hypnotized and mesmerized into thinking and believing things that are not really our deepest value.  This is how great leaders have managed to control the masses and this isn’t subject to just cults, military or movements, but it is in our everyday experiences, just by turning on any electronic device.

So what can we do?

When we bring attention to this manner we start to realize the many ways that we are being compelled into a spell.  It’s this awareness that initiates the transformation. And then, we begin, to LISTEN.

Listening is truly an art of emotional intelligence. When we learn how to effectively listen to people, to our environment, to the meaning beyond the words, we begin to see everything from a completely different perspective.

The main key to being an intelligent listener is to remove your sense of self from anything you are listening to.  This is the core of emotional intelligence, and the crux of living from an enlightened state.

It is simple and yet our ego will continuously resist because it is its job to fight for the identification to form.  So once again becoming aware of this is the first step towards mastery.  

I invite you to pay attention to this the next time you are in a conversation, how often do you insert your sense of self into what they are saying?

Typically we can fall into this thought train:

  • How does what this person is saying affect me?
  • How is this person “making” me feel?
  • Judging whether they were right or wrong based on it measuring up to your values and beliefs

The same goes for TV, movies, social media etc.  The more we insert our “selves” into the language of others the more we are not listening to what is actually being said, as a result leaving vulnerability to become brainwashed, or just so caught up in our own story we are completely oblivious to what is actually being communicated.  

The power to self mastery is to neutralize the emotional charge by listening to words without attaching labels, or judgements onto them.

Once we truly understand how powerful language is, we become so much more conscious of the words we speak and perhaps become more inclined to speak less and listen more.

Terence McKenna once said: “The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words and that if you know the words the world is made of, you can make of it what you wish”

We are magic, we are Sorcerers and we yield great power, to heal ourselves, to heal each other and to transcend that which we limit ourselves.  Language, is the foundation of everything we know to exist. 

It is scientifically proven that words and the vibrations behind words influence our physical experience. Dr. Masaro Emoto demonstrates very profoundly how this is the case.

When we learn how to communicate without language, we begin to become aware of the true mysteries of who we are and the planet we live on.  We see this in our relationships with animals, nature, babies, and the most purest connection with each other, when we embrace, make love, feel sad, shut down etc. 

It is often that the most powerful exchange with another human is the ones that are done in silence.

Those who know, do not speak.

Those who speak, do not know.

Close your mouth.

Shut the gates.

Be soft.

Untangle your knots.

Soften your brilliance.

Become one with the dust.

This is the profound union.

No one can get close to you,

yet they cannot be distant either.

No one can help or harm you.

No one can honor or disgrace you.

Thus you achieve the highest state of humankind.

–  The Tao Te Ching