Cannabis: The Gateway to Higher Consciousness.

For many years people have been using cannabis to “get high” however there has not been much education, teaching people to harness and understand the power and potential of what is actually happening to us when we reach these elevated states.  

In my 20+ years of exploring human potential I have been using cannabis as a tool to increasingly understand the mysteries of our existence. As a result, I believe that many of us are missing the most vital ways to use this plant to truly activate our potential to heal and be free from the chains that bind us both mentally and physically.  

This is why I have embodied the Cannabis Priestess archetype, I have been called to this mission to educate people on how to connect with the Spirit of Cannabis in a way that activates the wisdom of our deepest truth and expression of our most authentic self.

When we can go beyond the “self” and truly connect with our infinite potential, we have the ability to bypass our own mind and the blockages that stand in our way.  As part of the education I have created a guide that teaches people how to begin to activate the wisdom of Cannabis within. The following is a highlight of this guide, and if you want to explore it in its entirety please visit

Let’s begin shall we!

Step #1 – Setting your Intention

Your state of being when you consume Cannabis is vital especially when THC is involved.

Begin by setting a clear intention from a place of an empty mind and an open heart. If you are consumed with overwhelming thoughts that typically cause you stress or anxiety, THC can and likely will amplify what you are feeling.

Choose a time of day where you know you will be undisturbed during your process and you can take the necessary time to clear your mind and settle into your body.

Setting your intention prior to consumption allows you to stay focused and relaxed.

For example:

If your intention is to understand the root of a specific challenge, and your mind begins to wander, you will become more aware of which thoughts are aligning with your intention and which are making you drift.  

Notice this, observe and release the thoughts that no longer serve you by imagining them flee your mind.

Now return back to your focused intention.

They key to self exploration, is to consistently be the observer of your thoughts rather than just allowing your mind to spiral. You become increasingly aware of the source of your challenges and thus begin to realize that the power to heal resides in you and your self awareness.


Cannabis can enhance many experiences. Your senses are heightened so preparing your intentional space will contribute to receiving the most beneficial outcome from your inward journey.

Where you are, and the people you are with, will have a direct impact on your experience. If you are seeking inner guidance, then it is best to be in a place where you feel at ease in order to remain grounded in your body and not distracted by outside influences.

Here are some tips to create an inviting space for your communion with Cannabis:

  • Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed whether you are inside or outside
  • Determine how long you want to practice and then remove all outside disturbances (yes this includes social media, kids and pets)
  • Sage yourself and the space to clear any unwanted energies
  • Essential oils and candles definitely enhance relaxation
  • Choose a good playlist ahead of time so you are not concerned about the next song
  • Make sure the climate is comfortable and you have layers you can remove or add as your body temperature may fluctuate
  • If you enjoy working with crystals you may feel called to have them near you
  • Keep a journal next to you, so you can write down your thoughts


When you begin your journey with Cannabis it is typical to desire an outcome that will be perceived as “positive”.  However it is important to understand when working with plant medicine, there is no positive or negative outcome.

Sometimes emotions will arise that you may see as “undesirable” like anxiety, sadness or even fear. Before you allow these emotions to take over, it is possible to shift your perspective and embrace this as a clear indication of what needs to be released.

Anxiety can be viewed as access energy due to the result of consuming too much THC.  A great way to calm our nervous system is to move the energy out of our body. Running in place, jumping jacks, dancing, or any form of quick cardio will help bring you back to a calmer state.

When we allow our emotions to flow through us and remain aware that they are teaching us something about ourselves, we immediately drop into the present moment, creating what is called: A Sacred Pause.  

You may wish to follow these steps to begin your communication with Cannabis.

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply
  • Start paying attention to your body, go intently into areas in which you have not even thought of for a while; your toes, your nails, your earlobes, your cells, be aware of the details of your physical form
  • It may benefit you to visualize your receptor cells receiving the cells of the plant connecting as a lock and key
  • As you begin to drop more into your body you will feel more relaxed, intentionally sink deeper into that feeling.
  • Allow yourself to let go and consider repeating the phrase over and over “I surrender to the wisdom of cannabis”
  • When you are ready to receive ask the medicine “Show me what I need to know
  • Observe your thoughts and write down whatever comes through without judgement

Be patient with this, if you feel restless this is likely your ego resisting to the process, if you feel frustrated, just continue to focus on your body.  

Remember there is no positive or negative. It all just is an experience, an adventure to embark on!

Start with 10 minutes a day and gradually increase, after a while, you will begin to establish a conversation and a connection with a voice that eventually becomes a very familiar to you.

A mentor, a guide, a voice that you may have forgotten was with you this whole time.

May your journey with this sacred plant be blessed.

In loving Kindness
Sari Starr: Cannabis Priestess.
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